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Lead Robotics Engineer

Job Location: Hybrid - Based in SoCal (HQ in Pasadena) with very flexible “work from home” policy.

At 3Laws, our goal is to empower companies innovating in the robotics space with the tools to build and/or operate safe robots we all can trust. In particular, we are working on addressing the fundamental technical challenge of ensuring safe and reliable behavior of both autonomous and human-piloted cyber-physical systems in complex dynamic environments.


Not only will you be working on cutting-edge technology at 3Laws, but you will help shape the future of a new robotics company as a first-round hire. Having just finished seed funding, you will enjoy the security of a lengthy runway along with the opportunity of a rapid scale-up.


We are looking for a talented engineer that will grow with the company, willing to take on more and more responsibilities as we increase in size and scope. In particular, you will be responsible for developing, delivering, and refining safety-critical software and hardware products to industrial customers around the world.


We have taken our concepts from 0 to 1. With your help, we need to take it from 1 to 10 and then from 10 to 10,000.

You Must

  • Have hands-on experience solving hard problems in robotics, ideally in path planning, control, or computer vision

  • Have worked closely with robotic hardware at multiple stages of development (PoC, Pilots, Large scale deployment)

  • Have solid foundations in mathematics, physics, and newtonian mechanics.

  • Have solid foundations in numerical methods (optimization, ODE integration, discretization, etc…)

  • Be capable for modeling complex physical systems (complexity tradeoffs, mathematical description, numerical evaluation)

  • Be capable of setting up a simulation environment for cyber physical system development

  • Have a deep knowledge of currently available autonomous system technologies and tools

  • Have good knowledge of the different components of a robotic system (perception, localization, planning, control, etc…)

  • Be comfortable with version control, CI/CD tools, agile development, unit testing, among others.

  • Be comfortable with Object Oriented Programming, C++, Python, MATLAB/Simulink, and in a Unix environment

  • Be familiar with ROS and/or ROS2

You Might

  • Have experience with the current academic literature in safety and reliability of CPS

  • Have experience with safety engineering and safety-critical system development

  • Be familiar with current industry standards like ISO26262, DO178C, UL4600, ISO15066, among others.

You Will Get

  • First-employee level of equity in the company - 4 years vesting with 1 year cliff

  • Competitive compensation with the benefits that come with a full-funded, early-stage technology startup

  • Premium health insurance plan

  • Complete support of your US visa if you’re a foreign national


  • As one of the first employees in this startup, the fate of the team will highly depend on you and your work ethics, which will need to be on par with the rest of the team. 

  • We are therefore looking for passionate people that are not afraid of giving 500% when it comes to it.

  • We also expect you to be in touch with yourself, and capable of balancing your working hours, personal obligations, and resting periods accordingly, which we will trustfully respect.

  • You’re welcome to work from home with frequent visits to HQ and customer sites to ensure tighter relationships with colleagues, and customers.

  • We DO support students on OPT, although this position requires significant experience which is unlikely (although not impossible) to be found in a freshly graduated individual.

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